Our Team

Zack Diebold

Executive Director
Formerly Resources Dept. Director, IT DIRECTOR, Student Board Member

Zack Diebold started at Find the Light before it was a foundation. Having heard about the cause from friends and family and being referred to the Facebook page, he volunteered to photograph the group’s upcoming Candlelight Vigil. From there, his interest in the group only grew when he became the group’s IT director, designing and maintaining the website and digital needs of the growing organization. Following a successful start, Zack started what would become Find the Light’s Resources department by conceptualizing and developing the Resource Portal and numerous subsequent resource tools. Zack Diebold became the Executive Director in 2023 and is currently studying Economics and Computer Science at Saint Louis University.

Professional Advisory Board

The PAB works to guide the foundation through the advice of professionals in applicable fields.

Alex Schneider

President and Founder
MPH – Biosecurity, Disaster Preparedness, and Epidemiology

Alex Schneider founded Find the Light Foundation because she was concerned with the growing rate of suicide and overdose in her area, and after losing friends to the mental health crisis. Alex is a microbiologist and epidemiologist and uses her experience in science, along with her background in advocacy and her experiences with her own mental health, to develop evidence-based strategies and programs within Find the Light Foundation. By combining her expertise in microbiology and epidemiology with her passion for mental health advocacy, Alex aims to address the root causes of mental health challenges and implement effective solutions.

Ann Bingham

Development Director
MA – Developmental Psychology

Ann is a developmental psychologist with over 30 years of experience in education. As founder of the Kula Collective and the One New Thing Project in St. Louis, MO, she provides a unique and individualized approach to wellness through trauma-informed yoga, mindfulness, and intentional living. Ann is the parent of two and brings a parent’s perspective to the Board of Directors.

Aimee Robertson

Board Member
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Aimee is more commonly known on the board as Liam’s mom. Aimee advocates for public education, supporting school districts in meeting all students’ IDEA needs, extending inclusion beyond the classroom and into the community, and empowering all children to have a voice and an active role in their schools and communities. Aimee supports mental health and substance abuse prevention by helping ensure all students have the resources to access their education and community fully.

Ryan Tullock

Board Member
MA – Education and Innovation

Ryan is a former educator who is the Youth Education Coordinator at the St. Charles City-County Library. He’s passionate about education, including ensuring all students are aware of and receiving the mental health resources they need. As a parent of two young children, he’s also an advocate for supporting the mental health of children at an early age.

Student Board

The Student Board works to keep the foundation in line with the needs of current students and works with the Professional Advisory Board on issues and ideas.

Maddy Alexander

Social Media Director
Freshman – Lindenwood University

Maddy Alexander is a freshman at Lindenwood University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Math as she works towards a higher degree in Aerospace Engineering. Maddy Alexander decided to join the FTL Student Board after hearing about it and realizing how important it was for a resource like this for other people in the community.

Dionne Williams

Senior – Fort Zumwalt South High

Dionne is a Fort Zumwalt South High School senior who joined Find The Light to spread mental health awareness among struggling teens of color. She is excited to be a part of this impactful organization and looks forward to helping her community however possible.

Annie Nguyen

Board Member
Senior – Fort Zumwalt South High

Annie is a Fort Zumwalt South High School senior who joined Find The Light to spread mental health awareness among struggling teens across Missouri. She is excited to be a part of this amazing organization and looks forward to helping her community with her friends and peers.

Shreenik Enturi

Board Member
Sophomore – Fort Zumwalt South High

Shreenik is a Fort Zumwalt South High sophomore who joined Find The Light after he heard about the organization from his friends and understood how vital a resource like this can be to so many teens and young adults struggling with their mental health. He is excited to help the organization reach even greater heights.

Liam Robertson

Board Member
Freshman – Fort Zumwalt West High

Liam is a freshman at Fort Zumwalt West High School. Liam is a person with profound hearing loss, autism, and ADHD who loves bringing a voice and awareness to the community on behalf of differently-abled people. Liam enjoys helping find creative ways to contact the community, find ways to include people of all abilities, and share information in a way that can be understood and utilized no matter what level of ability a person has.