Our Board and Staff

Justice Christopher
Executive Director

Justice Christopher is an alum from Fort Zumwalt West High School who graduated in 2016. As a Psychiatrist in the making, his desire to make a positive impact on the mental health of students current and former is personal for him and his development in his career. He joined the foundation to break the stigma of parents and students having open communication about mental health and start the conversations necessary to meet the needs of the student.

Alex Bingham

Alex Bingham is a 2014 graduate of Fort Zumwalt East High School. She is passionate about science and felt called to act on mental health after losing multiple friends to suicide and overdose.

Ann Bingham

Ann is a developmental psychologist with over 30 years experience in education. As founder of the Kula Collective and the One New Thing Project in St. Louis, MO, she provides a unique and individualized approach to wellness through trauma informed yoga, mindfulness, and intentional living. Ann is the parent of two and brings a parent’s perspective to the Board of Directors.

Helena Bostic

Helena Bostic graduated from Fort Zumwalt South in 2021. She joined FTL after struggling with mental health throughout high school and never feeling she was offered the help she needed in school.

Zack Diebold
IT Director
Resources Department Director

Zack Diebold makes things work for people. 🖐️ He maintains and updates Find the Light’s digital infrastructure. He also heads the Resource Department and develops the world-class resource tools for individuals and organizations that Find the Light is known for.

Matt Bozdech
Board Member
Erin Bozdech
Board Member
Eleanor Hayden
Board Member
Liam Robertson
Board Member
Oliver Bush
Board Member
Katie Graham
Board Member